International delegation visits Quang Binh province to learn from CIRD

*On March 6-7, 2018, the Forest Land Alliance and its member organizations welcomed a delegation of over 24 members from Oxfam’s international staff and partner organisations to Quang Binh province. The delegation included representatives from Uganda, Malawi, Zambia, Indonesia, Cambodia and other developing countries around the world.

SEED and CIRD shared our experiences with models of effective management of land and forests of ethnic minority communities. With support from Oxfam and other international donors, results have been very positive in forest protection and development as well as land management for ethnic minority communities. Participants were interested to learn more about these projects and if and how they could apply these models in their own countries.

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About CIRD

The Centre for Indigenous Knowledge Research and Development (CIRD) is an independent NGO that formally registered in 2000 as a member of Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA). CIRD was established to create a space in which ethnic minorities and the marginalized poor in rural mountainous, watershed and buffer zone areas can promote their culture and have access to land and natural resources through research, policy analysis, programs and the application of indigenous knowledge.

Although Vietnam has experienced major economic growth in the past few decades, there are many communities which have not benefited from this growth, particularly in rural and mountainous areas, and ethnic minority people. Poverty still affects close to 15 percent of Vietnamese people, including around 50 percent of the ethnic minority population (USAID 2013). CIRD works with disadvantaged communities to improve access to land and resources.

Our office is located in Dong Le town, Quang Binh province, in central Vietnam. The region is relatively poor with a high proportion of the population employed in small family farms. We work in Quang Binh province but also have many projects across Vietnam.